Personal Training

Here at TREND Fitness we pride ourselves on Customer service. In addition to offering quality fitness equipment and support to our members and guests we also offer personal training.

Our personal trainers are fully qualified and handpicked by the directors. Here at TREND Fitness we want to ensure that those who choose to utilise a personal trainer are assured they are competent, knowledgeable ready and willing to assist you with your training needs, goals and outcomes.

Why should I use a Personal Trainer?

“Statistics show that out of all exercisers, only 25% get the results they are looking for. Out of those people who do get results, 90% used a Personal Trainer (IHRSA 2002)”.

Hiring a trainer can be the best investment you can make because they will help you create and maintain your new healthy lifestyle and Achieve Real Results, especially so if:

  • You need extra motivation
  • You want to improve your exercise technique and form
  • You want to know what exercises are good for you and your posture
  • You want to break that “plateau”
  • You require sports specific training
  • You want to see quicker results
  • Personalised training programs
  • You pledge Commitment to your goal
  • You want ideas on nutrition, general health and fitness
  • You are new to any form of exercise and need the guidance of a Professional


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