12 Week Challenge

Congratulations to all participants of our August – November 2017 round.

The vibe for this Challenge was incredible especially with the support that they gave one another. The top group alone lost over 170 kilos between them and the whole Challenge group managed to lose over 500 kilos collectively. We had our biggest group of finishers to date with 71 completed Challengers out of 85 and it was such a tough decision that we ended up with a Top 12 instead of our normal Top 10.
As usual we were blown away by peoples results and there were a lot of big numbers this time in fact Pete Yelland became our first Challenger to crack the 20k mark losing a whopping 21 kilos!

Judging is based on who is considered to have the best overall transformation so it’s not about who looked the most ripped at the end or about who lost the most weight, it’s a combination of things.

Congratulations to our newest Top Twelve and of course our Top 3 place getters.

1. Sarah Wolter – GRAND CHAMPION
2. Tracey Ennis – 2nd Place
3. Mark Visser – 3rd – Place


  • Dave Ellson
  • Dennis Rainsford
  • Ingrid Baars
  • Jade Peel
  • Megan LeClercq
  • Pete Yelland
  • Simone Mehesz
  • Steph Nakhoul
  • Tash Golding

Sarah  12 Week Challenge Sarah W

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DSC_3269  12 Week Challenge 23658449 831820826979974 7001427506833098231 n

Tracey  12 Week Challenge Tracey

DSC_1317 (2)  12 Week Challenge 23659162 831817723646951 2469460677438998716 n

Mark  12 Week Challenge Mark

Dave  12 Week Challenge Dave

Dennis  12 Week Challenge Dennis

Ingrid  12 Week Challenge Ingrid

Jade  12 Week Challenge Jade

Megan  12 Week Challenge Megan LC

Pete  12 Week Challenge Pete

Simone  12 Week Challenge Simone<

Steff  12 Week Challenge Steph<

Tash  12 Week Challenge Tash<

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